Graphic Design & Typography

As outlined in the introduction, I specialise in Graphic Design, specifically identity design for small businesses, and in photo restoration. In a competitive environment, it is important to be visible and to clearly communicate what your company stands for. Ask yourself — "why should customers choose my product/service over my competitors?"

Type Design

Some identity solutions require a logotype to be extended to a full custom typeface design, whether it is for promotional material or for correspondence. I have the ability to expand your logotype, developed into a format that can be used on either a Mac or Windows PC. Or, you may simply have existing artwork that needs to be developed into a typeface - I can assist with that as well.

Photo Restoration

As photos age, they fade, discolour or oxidise, even if they are kept away from direct sunlight. The sooner they are scanned and preserved, the longer your precious images will last through future generations. Alternatively, you may have other image-related tasks that you cannot figure out how to achieve, like stitching photos together to make a panorama. I welcome any query you may have regarding photo restoration or any of the other services I offer.
Current rate:$90 per hour (minimum charge 20 minutes).

Visit the Portfolio section for some examples of my work